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Galveston Boat Title assists Texas Boat Owners, Banks & Credit Unions, In/Out Board Motor Mechanics, Repair Shops, and Used Boat purchasers with Boat and Trailer Titling & Registration problems daily, including: Bonded Boat Titles & Trailers, Lost Titles, Defective Boat Titles, Abandoned Boats. Mechanics Lien Foreclosures on Out Board Motors, Vessels, Boats, and Trailers, Throughout the State of Texas in accordance with Texas Parks & Wildlife, Texas Department of Motor Vehicles and State of Texas Lien Foreclosure Procedure Law (Property Code, Chapter 70, Sections 70.001 – 70.008)

Do you have Title Issues with your Texas Boat or Trailer?

Galveston Boat/ Vessel /Outboard  Motor Title Service Office: 1-877-845-2368 Fax: 1-877-512-2622

Need a Bonded Boat Title?

If you purchased a used motorboat  or outboard motor from a private party, seller on craigslist, e-Bay, over the internet, or from out of the State of Texas for which the title and/or required legal documentation cannot be obtained – Call Galveston Boat Title at 1-877-845-2368

Too many signatures or errors on the back of your Boat Title?  No Problem! – Call us now!

If you have the title to a boat but the title has been signed in the wrong place we can help!
Call Galveston Boat Title today!


Abandoned Boats / Outboard Motors? No Problem – Call us!
Galveston Boat Title assists Texas boat owners with bonded titles on abandoned boats and outboard motors that have been left on private property without consent for more than seven (7) days. 1-877-845-2368

We also provide Auto Title Services, Actual Cash Value, Insurance Total Loss, and Stolen Boat Appraisals on the following types of Boats including:
Trawlers, Motor Yachts, Sport Fishing Boats, Cruisers, Sedans, Sailboats, and various types of Cargo Inspections for Legal and Certified requirements such as Insurance Claims, Total Loss, Boat Damage Estimates, Boating Accidents, Stolen Boats, Bank Loans, Pre-Purchase Inspections, Court Ordered Appraisals, Actual Cash Value, Divorce Appraisals, Estate Appraisals, Probate Appraisals, and Lawsuits.

SELL US YOUR BOAT! Need fast cash? Don’t want to go through the hassle of getting the title? Cal Texas Boat Title at 1-877-845-2368

• Licensed by the County Tax Office

• Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Compliant

• Texas Department of Public Safety

• Bureau of Certified Auto Appraisers - IACP

• Houston Auto Appraisers

• NADA / Black Book / Manheim

Clear Boat Title! Blue Texas Title!

Yachts & Boat Trailers / Jet Ski, Auto / Truck / Motorcycles / Bus / Tractor / Trailer / Commercial Vehicle / RVs / Motor Homes / Heavy Equipment / Oil Field Equipment / Machinery / Vehicle Titles & Registrations.

Texas Parks & Wildlife Service (TPWD)
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

Stolen Vehicle / Total Loss Vehicle Verification Service fees apply

We come to you! Serving all areas!
No long lines and no rude county workers! Open 7 Days a Week! 1-877-845-2368

Galveston Boat Title dba Houston Auto Appraisers serves the entire state of Texas including all major cities: Houston TX, Dallas TX, Austin TX, Corpus Christi TX, San Antonio TX, El Paso Texas, Laredo TX, Dallas TX, Beaumont TX, Brownville TX, and Fort Worth TX.

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